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California is Asbestos Leader

Did you know California has the most asbestos related deaths in the United States?  This could be because California has some of the largest natural asbestos deposits in the world.  Many different areas and work sites have been closed down due to health risks.  During the late 1990’s and early 21st century, a deadly cancer called mesothelioma ran rampant through the state because of asbestos inhalation.  A San Francisco Superior Court judge noted that “asbestos cases made up 25% of the court’s docket” in 2004.

Naturally occurring asbestos, or NOA, is a serious problem in the state of California.  Of its 58 counties, 45 contain NOA deposits.  The city of Coalinga received what is called a Superfund by the Environmental Protection Agency because of mining.  The cavernous holes sent the natural asbestos airborne all over the town.  Receiving a Superfund means the entire area is an asbestos priority and has special attention for cleanup.  Residents and visitors must be careful in a Superfund to minimize risk of exposure.

Do you know of other areas that contain NOA?

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