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Mold and Renting

Many renters aren’t sure what their landlord’s obligation is when it comes to mold.  While every situation is unique, it’s important to know the basics.


  • “Landlords must give written disclosure to prospects when the landlord knows, or has reason to believe, mold is present in the building that either exceeds the permissible exposure limits allowed or poses a health threat.”  The landlord has this responsibility even if the mold is not visible.


  • Landlords do not have to test for mold


  • Written disclosure of mold is not required if the mold was remedied prior to move in


  • It is the renter’s duty to keep mold from forming by allowing for proper air ventilation, maintaining a sanitary residence, and immediately reporting mold issues with the landlord.


  • Landlords are liable for damages for a mold related illness if there is a violation of building code such as wall, roof, or window leak, interior plumbing leak, inadequate bathroom or kitchen ventilation, negligence in drying procedures after flood, or failure to address written complaints about mold.

Do you have any experiences with mold in rental property?  We’d love to read your feedback.

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